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Lytec 2017 with ICD-10 Readiness
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Practice Mangement Software

Ingenix Caretracker

Harris CareTracker EHR

CareTracker EHR is a fully integrated, CCHIT®-certified, cloud-based EHR solution that is guaranteed to help physicians meet meaningful use requirements.  With Harris CareTracker™ EHR, physicians can access electronic health records seamlessly from any location through a secure and centralized gateway. Combining clinical and business workflows into one comprehensive system helps physicians save staff time, enhance practice productivity, and simplify administrative workflows.

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Lytec 2017

Lytec 2017 is a full featured yet affordable practice management (PM) system that will help you streamline your medical practice.  From scheduling to billing to the A/R functions of your practice, Lytec 2017 has the tools that you need to run your business.  Lytec 2017 will increase your efficiency by utilizing medical management software services such as: electronic insurance filing, electronic patient statements, real time electronic insurance verification, electronic prescriptions, patient web portal and electronic EOB posting.  Take your practice to the next level with Lytec 2017!

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McKesson Practice Choice

McKesson Practice Choice

McKesson Practice Choice is a cost-effective Web-based electronic health record (EHR) and practice management (PM) solution. We built it from the ground up to address the challenges faced by small practices that don’t have the luxury of dedicated IT staff. McKesson Practice Choice does more than maintain records and protect cash flow; it has the power to improve the quality of your patient interactions.

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Lytec MD

Lytec® MD combines the practice management (PM) features of Lytec 2017 with a proven EMR system that has helped thousands of practices improve their quality of care and financial performance. With Lytec MD, you keep the PM you know and add the EMR that can take you to the next level of practice automation.

Medisoft Clinical

Medisoft Clinical

Medisoft Clinical Medisoft Clinical With the latest Medisoft system release, McKesson offers Medisoft Clinical, a complete electronic health record/practice management system that works seamlessly to minimize practice disruption.

Medisoft Clinical Software combines the practice management features of Medisoft v16 with a fully functional electronic health record (EHR) at a price point geared to smaller physician practices like yours. With Medisoft Clinical, you get the latest in practice automation without a lot of hassle and at a price you can afford.

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Rave Reviews from our Customers

"Excellent IT service you can trust and receive respect from! Our three physician medical practice has been customers of DCC since 2001. We have used DCC exclusively for both IT and Medical software purchase and support. The customer service we have received has always been exceptional. Dabbs has been our provider through the build and move to a new office. To be working with staff that you feel are part of a family and will have your back is unreplaceable. I know that in my absence as a Practice Administrator if something comes up Dabbs and their highly trained staff will always be there to to keep our practice running smoothly. When other IT companies contact me, I have no desire to discuss options as I don't feel the service I receive from Dabbs can be replaced."

Rave Reviews from our Customers

"Dabbs Computer Consultants have been our only IT source for over 10 years. We can say from years of experience that they are competent, dependable and serve our IT needs very well. They are knowledge of our system and available to assist us with day to day operations or a major system upgrade. They stay on the job with us until competition and we are satisfied. With so many businesses coming and going over the last few years we feel that having a strong professional relationship with a company this well established and committed to their customers is truly an honor to do business with. We continue to recommend Dabbs Computer Consultants as we have for many years!"

Rave Reviews from our Customers

"One of the most professional organizations I have dealt with in the past 9 years. We had another IT vendor when we started this practice in 2003, and I have never regretted the switch to Dabbs after some rocky months with the other guys. You know it's a great company when there is not a lot of turnover in personnel, and I have been fortunate to work with the same technicians for most of the past decade. They know my practice, and the name of each of my employees. And they have always been tuned in to emerging technology and have never steered our practice in any direction but the RIGHT one. I love these guys."

About Dabbs Computer Consultants

Dabbs Computer Consultants is a full service technology company specializing in offering EMR solutions to Medical offices. We offer a full range of products and services including Lytec 2017, Lytec 2015, Lytec 2014, Lytec 2013, Lytec 2011, Lytec 2010, LytecMD, electronic insurance filing, electronic prescriptions, real time insurance verification.  We also focus on providing total IT solutions to medical practices.  We have been providing support on the Lytec line of products for over 12 years.  No matter what your Lytec needs are, Dabbs Computer Consultants is here to help.

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