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Lytec 2017 is ICD-10 Ready!

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New features

Lytec 2017 User interface with Ribbon Technology

Lytec 2017 has updated it’s user interface for the first time in 10 years!  The updated interface closely resembles the Ribbon interface that was introduced by Microsoft in it 2007 release of Microsoft Office.  The new interface is much more intuitive as it groups items under one common heading. 

Revenue Manager - Integrated electronic medical records software claims solution, Revenue Management, seamlessly updates claim status and date sent while also providing electronic remittance advice (ERA) posting and eligibility verification

Enhanced ERA Posting – Now you can edit the way that Lytec 2017 posts your ERA files before you post them

Customizable User Interface – Each individual user can now change the look and feel of Lytec 2017 by modifying the Interface style.

Full Launch of Encoder Pro from within Lytec – In Lytec 2017, you don’t have to leave Lytec to open Encoder Pro

Claim Scrubbing – Revenue Manager has a Claim Scrubbing feature built in!

Automatic Appointment Refresh – Now you can set your appointment scheduler to automatically refresh!

64 bit Windows Server Operating System Support – Client/Server Only

DVD Install - Reduces the number of application disks and installation time

A/R Tracking: The A/R tracking tool in Lytec 2017 offers practices the ability to drill down into their patient and insurance accounts receivable and follow up on any outstanding claims or statements. The drill down functionality will make it easy for your practice to work the AR, and assign different collection tasks to your staff based on the condition of the receivables. 

ICD10 Search Tool: As carriers begin enforcing the selection of proper codes, the ICD10 search tool included standard in Lytec 2017 will help ease this transition. The natural language query included will allow users to search by code, by description, or even visually by clicking on anatomical diagrams. 

Integrated Appointment Reminder System: AutoRemind offers practices the ability to send appointment reminders to patients via phone calls, secure emails, and text messages. As patients confirm their appointments, your Lytec 2017 system will be updated to reflect that confirmation status.  *Additional Monthly Fees Apply

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