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Electronic Claims

Gateway EDI

There are many options out there for Electronic medical billing software, however one company stands out in our mind, and that is Gateway EDI.

Founded by a practicing physician in 1984, Gateway EDI has grown by focusing on providers. Though they are a clearinghouse, they are a customer service company. At Dabbs Computer Consultants we have seen a multitude of Clearinghouses and we have come to regard Gateway EDI as the only one that considers what the private practice needs.

Call 877-450-4029 to order Gateway EDI

Gateway EDI provides the best electronic medical billing software. Their standard service is to forward all of your electronic claims to the payer in HIPAA compliant ANSI formats at a flat rate per provider. However, they offer a range of flexible services to augment this including paper claim submission and patient statement submission for a reasonable price per claim or statement that your office needs printed to paper and mailed. Consider the time and money saved when all of your billing is handled by the best electronic medical billing software and all you have to do is point and click.



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