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5 Minute Statements

Deliver Professionally Printed Documents
The overwhelming customer preference

Saving You Time & Money Every Month

Here's how it works >>>

Step 1    Upload a File and You’re Done

Step 2    We Produce Your Documents

Step 3    We Mail Your Documents...
            the next business day

BillFlash is Easy, Fast, Accurate, Cost-effective, and Secure


  • Eliminating printing, folding, stuffing, sealing, stamping, mailing, and troubleshooting.
  • Obtaining industry leading statement and other document designs.


Save Time

  • Completely process your statements in under 5 minutes

Save Money

  • Virtually eliminate document creation labor expenses
  • Reduce fixed production and mailing costs
  • Eliminate inventory management expenses
  • Decrease equipment acquisition and maintenance costs

Improve Cash Flow

  • Professional designs and return coupons/envelopes drive payments

Increase Productivity

  • Reallocate staff time and office equipment to higher value uses

Enhance Quality & Maintain Control

  • Professional, high quality statements, with Online Document Management
  • 100% delivery accuracy

Billers and Payers Win

  • BILLER eliminates paper and PAYER receives professional statement

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